Chakra Rosso

Chakra Rosso

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The uniqueness of the Chakra Rosso lies in the innovative vinification technique “vendanges entières”, used in the domaines of the Côte d’Or in Burgundy. The carefully selected bunches are used whole in open vats. 100% Primitivo. Before being placed on the market, the wine rests in the bottle for the following 6 months. Our top selling red.

Southern Italy makes some of the best old world wines on the planet, and the Valle D’Itria is a very special region in the centre of this excellence.  The wine makers here are as passionate about their craft as their ancestors before them, and we have hand curated a selection that shows off the very best on offer.

Each case is made up of selection of wines made from this excellent centre of wine production.  Simply select white, red or mixed case, and how many cases you’d like per year, and we will send the best of puglia directly to your door.


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