About Tenuta Pistola

The Pistola Estate or Tenuta Pistola, straddles all the way across the valley and produces organic products made from olive and lavender plants grown on the estate’s 30 hectares in the heart of Puglia. Where the strong sunshine produces powerful aromas and brilliant colours.

The majestic Masseria Pistola which dominates the landscape, dates from the period of the wars during which the Canale Di Pirro becomes famous as a battle between the Roman Army and raiding hordes from North Africa.

Our mission is to provide guests and visitors with an unforgettable experience – whether it is to the public Mediterranean gardens, the Farm Shop, to the Vineyards or to one of the three houses that takes week long guest bookings – the Tenuta Pistola is Puglia’s leading historic farm estate.
Brought into the modern era with trained and highly skilled managers, craftsmen, and gardeners.