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Private Label Vineyards

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own vineyard?  Imagine opening and enjoying a bottle of the finest Puglian wine, made with grapes grown from your very own vines.  For a select number of passionate wine enthusiasts, Tenuta Pistola can make this dream a reality. The idea is simple – Tenuta Pistola will plant, nurture and care for your vines all year round. After 2 to 3 years of growth for the vines to mature, owners will start to receive their wine – produced and bottled with your own Private Label or the Label of your business. Once the vine & land lease fee is covered, Private Label Owners pay just the cost of production and the annual maintenance of...


The Farm Shop

The Tenuta Pistola Farmshop brings together some of the finest local products from the estate and neighbouring farms in the region. Selling local artisanal wines, goods, olive oils, honeys and lavender products the farmshop is an essential stop during every trip to Puglia.


About Tenuta Pistola

The Pistola Estate or Tenuta Pistola, straddles all the way across the valley and produces organic products made from olive and lavender plants grown on the estate’s 30 hectares in the heart of Puglia. Where the strong sunshine produces powerful aromas and brilliant colours. The majestic Masseria Pistola which dominates the landscape, dates from the period of the wars during which the Canale Di Pirro becomes famous as a battle between the Roman Army and raiding hordes from North Africa.